Marmaris, on Turkey's southwest coast, situated at the intersection point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, is a major port and the coastal cities. For this reason, it was an important transit point between the Aegean and the Mediterranean, from the early ages to the present day. All these features have made Marmaris a region where many civilizations have lived throughout history.

Today, this beautiful town again, many folks in the confluence of civilizations that have chosen to live together, in terms of tourism in Turkey and is one of the world's most popular tourist centers. Marmaris welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, with its natural beauties, long coastline, spectacular view from its pine forest covered hills, virgin islands, unique beaches, ancient cities, yacht marinas, yacht tourism, blue voyages and all sorts of activities.

Also Marmaris; is a center of attraction for people with its magnificent clean air, summer breeze winds, temperate climate in winter, abundant precipitation, summer - winter sunny weather, blue embracing blue with magnificent nature and at least every 6 months of the year.

In Marmaris, which is active both in summer and winter, you can have almost all the possibilities in a city. With its long coastline, which offers schools, hospitals, shopping centers, own water reserves and dams, festivals, concerts, special bicycle routes, international rally and cycling races, jogging and yacht races, flat walk, yacht sightseeing, you will really enjoy every occasion in Aegean's Pearl of Marmaris.

Marmaris, which is extremely safe because land transportation is carried out from only one main road which is covered with pine forests on all sides. Due to all these reasons, Marmaris is protected by the state and is the only town with the most touristy National Park area and Natural Protected Zone.

With these properties, houses or lounges in Marmaris are very valuable and buying / selling operations are active in all seasons of the year. Living or investing here is always profitable.

In short.. living in Marmaris is a privilege, we invite you to come and live this privilege!