• Compass Estate conducts the legal and technical legislation, handling technical and physical data accurately and quickly and guides the investor while receiving, selling, renting or advising the customers on the suitable financing,
  • We provide the right property for our customers, we meet all your sales expectations with the greatest care and show you the same finesse at all stages from the start point to the final sign.
  • Our company uses international standards. In line with the expectations of our customers, the support of lawyers is taken when necessary and our sales transactions are completed without problems.
  • Compass Estate completes the entire procedure perfectly during buying / renting to a foreigner or selling / buying from a foreigner with its expert and multilingual sales consultants within the framework of international legal regulations.
  • Compass Real Estate has a pride of being a real estate that meets the highest tier of sales attorney with the highest confidence in domestic and foreign customers and fills in its service perfectly. This way, the seller or buyer reaches the direct purpose without any loss of time and expense.
  • Compass Estate provides a significant added value to our government by 14 years of knowledge, making buyers and sellers the most precise information and directing them in conformity with the jurisprudence.
  • From the time of its establishment until now over 900 local and foreign customers have returned to the dream home within the framework of Professional Real Estate Advisor principles.
  • Our company constantly updating itself and our website. We are competing with ourselves as a requirement of technology. We also provide services through the following websites.

www.zingat.com web sitelerinden,
Facebook: Compass Estate Agency,
Instagram: Compass.estate.agency

Our network group is also established on the Facebook. Compass Estate also provides permanent service from our portal with our constantly updated portfolios.

  • Our company has the principle of sharing. We are proud to offer the fastest and most accurate service to sellers by targeting potential buyers as soon as possible by instantly announcing all sale portfolios through Whatsapp network system with other real estate offices.
  • The portfolio of property owners who prefer our company is published in national and international web sites and is presented to the potential buyers with our extensive portfolio, special catalogs and videos.