Our Mission - Our Vision

Our mission is to become the most professional, the most reliable and a leading Property Agent in Marmaris.
Our vision is to offer the quality & trustworthy services with high standards during property buying & selling procedures.
Our experienced staff will fulfil your expectations with high care and the best possible way during the selling procedures when you buy a property through WebApplication1 Estate. Our work includes not only to find the right property for our customers, but also to follow up all the other aspects during buying.
We give you the most accurate evaluation, offer the property to the locals & the other nationalities who contact our Agency. We also use all the advertisement, internet, brochure and exhebition channels in order to realise the selling shortly.
We offer the most appropriate offer from our large portfolio on the site by customer oriented consultancy.
We free your time by following-up the procedures on your behalf during buying & selling. You would not have to deal with time consuming burocracy.
We find you the most appropriate property within your budget while buying one. We charge 2% of the total for our agency work.
We arrange the buyers to talk face to face with the sellers.
It is necessary to sign up with WebApplication1 Estate Agency if you would like to benefit from our services.
Advertised price is the price asked by the seller.
It is also necessary to sign a contract with WebApplication1 Estate Agency if you would like us to handle the selling.
A months rent value is charged from the tenents after finding a suitable property for rent.
Our goal is to understand our customers, offer the work that's required by thinking what would we want if it was us.
Good intentions are the basis of long term work. That's the principal.